Happy Holidays!

The entire team at GCL Photography would like to wish all our readers and couples Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings!.  As we head into our 6th anniversary at GCL Photography, we’re thrilled with the changes we’ve made to the site in 2011 and are looking forward to another exciting year in 2012 where we’ll be sharing images from many fun and unique weddings that will certainly inspire many couples-to-be. Whatever you’re doing today, enjoy yourselves and thank you for being a part of GCL Photography!

– Gordon

Jennifer + Cliff – {MARRIED!}

Cliff and Jenn found me on the internet, and I was stoked that my team and I had the opportunity to photograph their wedding story.  Doesn’t happen often that couples find me from the NET, but I’m glad they did!  One of the things that caught me off guard is their home base – Seattle.  I immediately started thinking “Starbucks,” LOL! (most of my couples know how much I love my Starbucks).  The unique part of their wedding was planning in Seattle, when the celebration took place in their home town – Toronto!   I love hanging out and building a rapport with my couples, but admittedly it was a little tricky with a long-distance relationship with Cliff & Jenn 🙂  However, I’m no stranger to long-distance relationships, as some of you might know that my wife is from California.  Jennifer & Cliff: I love the vintage touches you  added to your wedding… and Cliff – How did it feel to wear the garter? 😉

Christina + David – {E-Session}

Couldn’t have asked for better lighting than a sunny/slight overcast weekend in Toronto.  Christina and David are tying the knot in June 2012 at King’s Valley Golf Club and I’m excited to be their photographer!  What Christina Loves Most about David: 1) “Easy on the Eyes” 2) “Sweet” 3) “Genuine”… so what does David Love Most about Christina?  David: “Everything she just said”  🙂  Congratulations to you both!

The GCL Experience by Mar + Brad

I’m going to keep this post at the top of the blog for as long as possible, and save you new readers/couples some time on what the whole GCL Photography experience thing is that our couples witness first hand, please read below. This testimonial says it all.  Thank you for the kind words Mar + Brad, you guys are awesome!

The team and I always go all out for our couples and it’s incredibly nice to know that our efforts don’t go unnoticed.  Thank you so much Mar and Brad for summarizing your experience in this testimonial.  You two are so special to me and don’t worry, the journey is not over and I’m your photogra-friend for life!



PS: Checkout Mar’s new website on her recently published: Eight Pointed Cross, I’ve never had a book author provide a testimonial before, I feel so honoured!)