UPDATE: 2012 Availability

This is just a quick note that my 2012 schedule is getting close to being fully booked.  I exclusively “cap” my weddings ever year to maintain the highest level of quality and service to all my couples.  We are not accepting anymore weddings in 2012, but are currently booking for 2013.  Please don’t hesitate to leave a note on the blog contact form to check your wedding date availability, or better yet, please call us directly at 647-889-3033.  I look forward to hearing from you!

– Gordon

Braydon – {Baby Session}

Baby seems to be the hot topic thus far in 2012!  I’m extremely happy to share some wonderful images taken of baby Braydon.  I had the pleasure of meeting this little man last weekend and what a cutie!  There’s a story to this shoot: Braydon’s mom Carmen, is an old highschool friend of mine, so to meet her little boys was really special.  As an addendum to my previous post on “A Bit About Baby Photography“, photographing babies 3 months and under produces the cutest of portraits and details, but you don’t have a lot of time.  These little guys & girls will give you anywhere from 15-30 minutes of patience, if that.  Reality is, they get “pooped” from the photos 🙂

A Bit About Baby Photography

There have been an increasing number of requests for baby, baptism and birthday photoshoots over the past couple years.  To no surprise, that is the wonderful progression to which we experience with our couples as they continue with married life!

I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to meet the cute little babies from wedding couples over years past, and others that have found me through referrals!  With the increasing number of requests for baby portraits and candids, I thought I’d take the time to outline some photographic timelines that help parents understand the timing and types of photographs for infants/toddlers.  I’m also lucky to know some photographer’s and new parents who are exploring baby photography and hopefully the information below will be useful as a reference.

0-3 Months of Age: The best time for portraits. Why?  The little cuties don’t move much, and they can be positioned in the cutest of ways.

3-6 Months of Age: The time when you get a little more kicking action, head movement and possibly sitting where more variety are added to the photos mainly because the baby isn’t sleeping “all” the time.

6-12 Months of Age: Personally speaking, this is when the fun really starts.  If you’re baby hasn’t started crawling before this, they will certainly be on the move now.  By this age, photographs are more focused on candids by capturing the moments of your baby exploring and laughing.  This is also a great time to shoot video, for those dads who love getting geeked-out about documenting their child’s early years (I’m one of those geeks!).

12+ Months of Age: As your baby continues to grow and develop into their own personalities, most photos at this age comprise of standard portraits.  However, the fun stuff are always candid images of your baby doing different things like walking, grabbing stuff, picking their nose, playing in snow, parents chasing, family fun, etc.

Of course, the references provided above are from my personal experience.  By no means am I a pediatrician, but when it comes to photo and video of your baby, the biggest challenge is finding the energy and will to pickup the camera and plan the photos/videos you want to take.  However, my philosophy is that all parents have the responsibility to either learn how to photograph decent images of their children, or invest into a photographer/cinematographer who will do for you as a service and provide a beautiful collection 😉

So for all you new parents taking pictures of your baby, always remember they are small only “once”, but the photos/videos will last a lifetime and your kids will love you for it! (especially when embarrassing them at their future wedding :))