Kim + Shaun – {MARRIED}

There’s no doubt that capturing weddings is one of the most fulfilling and exciting opportunities for any photographer.  Unlike shooting in a studio environment for commercial, portrait or other types of photography, weddings only happen once, and capturing all the precious moments is key to re-living the “big day.”  I had some fantastic help from Rhommel B. and Stephen C. on this beautiful wedding, and fun was certainly had!  Kim and Shaun had the opportunity to photograph each other with our cameras and I remember Shaun saying, “Wow, this camera is heavy, you have to carry this around all day?@%$??”… Well, it wasn’t a fair representation because the camera Shaun used had the monster 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens mounted… but we’ll still take credit for all the heavy lifting we do for our couples! 🙂

Lisa + Ray – {E-Session}

Lisa and Ray are an incredibly cute couple!  We spent some time last week at the Brickworks and Cherry beach having a great time.  I’m getting these lovebirds ready for their big wedding day in September, and they are both naturals infront of the camera.  Thanks to both Lisa and Ray for trying something “grungy” and unique, I think it turned out quite well in my humble opinion 🙂

Christina + David – {MARRIED!}

Christina and David are the first wedding post of 2012.  This year has been exceptionally busy and we hope to share all the wonderful images from the couples and various clients we photograph, but regrettably there aren’t enough hours in a day.  We promise to make time for it in 2012!  Denny K, Rhommel B. and Stephen C. were helping me out with photographing all the great things happening at this wedding.  Turns out that Christina and her mom are photo-enthusiasts  and I was very impressed to see some of their mother’s artwork at their beautiful home in Ashburn.  Despite the forecast of rain, mother nature was merciful, praise be to God 🙂  I also had the pleasure of photographing the wedding party of David’s parents from 30 years ago, that was something special!  So many details and fun memories, thank you for giving GCL Photography the honor of capturing those memories – Gordon

Joanna + Arthur – {E-Session}

Wow, where to begin?  Joanna and Arthur certainly know what they want!  I love it when couples share their passion for documenting life’s adventures and affording my team and I the opportunity to be role in their journey.  We started out where it all began – their first kiss at University of Toronto’s Hart House Library!  There are so many fun facts and quirkiness between these two that it becomes a true inspiration and reminds me why I love doing what I do.  The GCL team is looking forward to photographing their wedding in 2013.  Congratulations to you both!

Karen + Jason – {E-Session}

It’s been a while since a shoot has been posted, and I’m proud to share the most recent engagement shoot of Karen and Jason 🙂  We started out at the beautiful Adamson Estate and finished up at the Distillery District to capture the classic vintage look that always looks beautiful.  K & J’s wedding is just a few months away and the GCL team is stoked to document their wedding story to share with our readers.  Congratulations K & J, and sorry about losing the balloons! 🙂