Karen + Jason – {MARRIED}

Karen and Jason’s wedding will be one for the ages!  The GCL team had lots of fun despite this super hot & humid day.  I remember when Karen and Jason had the first opportunity to sit down during our “getaway” shoot… Jason said, “Finally, *whew*!”  20 minutes into the shoot, he then said, “how much more time do we have?”  Gordon: “We’re just getting started”.  Jason then skipped a heart beat, priceless!  For couples that are getting married in the future, we’ll share a secret with you: bring water and wear comfy shoes, our “getaway” photoshoots are 90 minutes minimum :).

With most traditional Chinese weddings, there are “Door Knocking Games” and “Tea Ceremonies” in the morning, a classic tradition that starts the day with a positive and fun approach.  This was the first time I’ve seen a groom get dressed as Superman, and the first where I’ve seen the Bride get a live “Sneak Peek” through Apple’s FaceTime on her iPad, LOL!  Denny Kim and Rhommel B. were part of the photo-crew for the day and they’ll agree Karen and Jason wear their hearts on their sleeves.  Congratulations!


Sybil + Terence – {E-Session}

Sybil and Terence are extremely fun and professional !  During the eSession, I was thinking of ways to get them to show their quirky side, but I didn’t have to try at all 🙂  These two have a cute smile and fun sense of humour, they were willing to try anything crazy.  As most of our couples know, I like to suggest eSession locations to reflect something that is meaningful to them.  We photographed in the area that Terence proposed..in front of a downtown condo where they both lived and FIRST MET!  Sybil and Terence experienced a bit of long-distance relationship during her studies out west, and the last image in this blog post is my vision on what their body language would look like “over the phone” when they were thousands of kilometres apart.  Personally, this shot means a lot to me as well, as most know that my wife and I had a 2 year long distance relationship before getting hitched.  Congrats to you both, can’t wait to capture your wedding images next year!

PS: For the loyal blog readers – Only one image is shared for Sybil and Terence’s engagement shoot as they have some big surprises to share 🙂


Christian – {Baby Session}

With the wedding season in full swing, it’s a nice change to shift focus on our subjects to get a peek into the future of what’s in store after our couples get hitched 🙂 Christian was in the hospital for 5 days before Domenic and Ursula could take him home, and that’s when I had the wonderful opportunity to capture the early days of Christian. Welcome to earth little one!

Michele + Christian – {E-Session}

I met Michele and Christian through one of my good friends and shooters Stephen C.  Just before the photoshoot, Denny K. and myself were staring at one of the greatest enemies any photographer could face… pouring rain!  But as most photographer’s know, shooting outside means unpredictable weather (regardless what the forecast says)… but grey skies mean fantastic lighting.  We felt the grace of God yet again, as he spared us exactly 2 hours of no rain and cloudy skies (yeah!).  I can’t count the number of times that rain stopped with perfect timing during a photoshoot so that our couples can capture absolutely stunning images with diffused lighting.  Coincidence?  I think not, Praise be to God!  By the end of the shoot, I’m proud to say that Michele and Christian are ready to rock in front of the cameras for their wedding that’s coming up in a couple of months (inside joke: as long as there are no prey mantis’ lurking around :)).  Can’t wait to photograph your big wedding day!