I finally understand what it means to “fall in love all over again.”  I’d like to introduce to the world my second born – Theodus.  I remember it was just a couple years ago that Marcus was born and my wife and I were scrambling to figure out what it takes to be a parent 🙂  Fast forward two years later, it certainly does seem easier; all the better so we can really cherish these precious moments as Theodus is growing quickly.  Below are some images taken through the first 3 weeks of his life and papa is looking forward to adding to your timeless collection. 🙂


Deniz – {Baby Session}

Kerem and Joanne are extremely happy and proud parents that have taken a wise path – documenting milestones in their daughters growth and development. A really good friend of mine from August Bloom has been photographing Deniz’s life story every 3 months, and GCL Photography had the honour of capturing the 9 month milestone. Thank you for the documentary experience of your daughter, she’s so precious, cheers!

Michele + Christian – {MARRIED}

Michele and Christian have an incredible wedding story, and how they built the trust in their relationship is even more touching.  Christian broke his ankle during the early stages of their relationship, yielding him completely vulnerable to Michele 🙂  Michele would pickup Christian in her ride and drive him to school, visit often with food (a man’s kryptonite) and help him get through the long recovery process.  I’ve always believed the ones who love you the most will stick by your side during your toughest and darkest days.  This might seem like common sense to most couples, and without sounding too philosophical, I truly admire the story of Michele and Christian and the GCL Team wishes you both continued love and happiness in your new journey together as a married couple.


Photography Team: Gordon + Denny + Stephen
Church: St. Aidan’s Catholic Church
Reception: Grand Baccus
DJ: Music Unlimited
Florist: Fran Sackler Designs
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