Howard + Eunju – {E-Session}

It’s about time!  My longtime and close pal Howard, has finally found the woman of his dreams.  Eunju is an incredibly sweet, beautiful, caring and intelligent girl… she deserves the best husband.  It’s a good thing Howard proposed before she found that perfect guy… 🙂  We spent the afternoon at Rouge Park having a great time, and couldn’t ask for better weather.  Ah.. the good ol’ overcast that produces awesome colors.  What great timing it was too; the traditional Korean outfits they wore came straight from Korea with very attractive colors and details.  I love seeing Howard and Eunju get close, they contrast each others personalities perfectly.  It took a little warming-up, but I finally saw (and captured of course!) Howard and Eunju kiss for the first time… WICKED!


The pictures looks amazing! Howard and Eunju are so sweet together. And you are the best!