Taking a break…

Just a quick note – GCL Photography will not be booking any further weddings between 2014-2017.

As all of my couples know, my style of photography and line of business have been truly blessed and personally rewarding because of all the wonderful opportunities my couples have shared. Because I shoot exclusively without substitution, no further weddings will be booked because it would only contradict my personal philosophy in having my backup crew (you know I love you guys!) fill my shoes until 2018.

It’s been very difficult arriving at this decision, but I need to take a break so I can spend more time with my young family, and to heal some chronic physical issues.

Having been a photographer since 2006 and capturing tonnes of beautiful weddings, I have abused my left knee for quite some time where there is virtually no more cartilage. In addition, I have recently been diagnosed with a severe case of Anterior Uveitis in my left eye which is extremely painful, sensitive to the dimmest of light, and worst of all, everything appears to have a bokeh effect 🙂 I’ve been currently placed on some heavy medication and eyedrops to fight the Uveitis, but this could be a long battle to regaining my original vision.

I am truly thankful to all those who have supported my photographic passion over the years! With the word of my Lord and a super supportive wife at my side, I know I will make a strong recovery and be back in a few years.

Until then, please feel free to check back once in a while for any updates, and may the Lord be with you always.



Sandra + Mike – {MARRIED}

Here’s a sneak peak at Sandra and Mike’s wedding story that was captured at Scotsdale Farm, followed by a beautiful reception at The Jewel.  I recall meeting the groom a few years ago in a wedding where he was a groomsmen, and he distinctly said he didn’t like to smile for photographs.  However, this didn’t prove to be an issue because Mike naturally smiles a lot anyhow! 🙂  (at least he did on his wedding day!)

The best thing about being a photographer is not only meeting wonderful couples and capturing precious moments, but to see “behind the scenes” of their lives which include the sweetest family members, childhood BFF’s, etc, and how that all comes together in bringing two families together to celebrate a joyous occasion.

@ Mike and Sandra – You guys were an absolute pleasure to photograph and thank you for having GCL Photography be there to capture your big day!

Vandana + Pawel – {Press}

Most of our friends know it’s not my style to submit weddings for publication.  Although publicity can be a great thing, I’m a little old fashioned and have been successful and grateful for the “word of mouth” advertising we receive from our happy couples.  Truth be told, having 2 young boys at home and an ailing knee, I leave the discretion to our couples to submit their weddings if they choose to do so.

Late in 2013, Vandana and Pawel submitted their wedding to Metroland Media.  They are now a feature wedding in the premier 2014 Toronto Edition of Wedding Trends Magazine at this year’s National Bridal Show at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.


National_Bridal_Show_2014Wedding Trends Magazine

There are lots of people to thank here because it was a team effort!  Shout outs to the GCL team that helped out with this wedding – Denny Kim and Rhommel Bernardino.

Odarka + Raymond – {MARRIED}

The most amazing thing about being a photographer  is the people that I get to photograph. Without them I wouldn’t have the opportunity to capture photographs that are as full of colour, laughter and fun that we have at GCL Photography.  Odarka and Raymond’s wedding day was absolutely stunning.  The entire wedding party was an absolute blast of fun and laughter all day, and it really shows through in the images.  You guys were a blast to photograph – fun, quirky, cute and fully in love.  Cheers!